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8 tips to bringing your dorm room to its full potential

8 tips to bringing your dorm room to its full potential

The college dorm room is not the first thought that comes to mind when we think of fashionable interiors.Although you may have to soon say goodbye to your son or daughter until Thanksgiving, you do not need to say goodbye to your love for design.

Why not start your kids school year off with a look that reads a little bit more “Yeah I’m that mom” and a little bit less “yeah…I don’t exactly know what that is growing on the futon.” Get started with some of our tips below!

Tip 1: Wall Art!!!

This doesn’t exactly mean a copy of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Choose a piece that is meaningful and means something to you. Bedrooms can be generally bland, so a piece of wall art can add visual interest to the space. But most colleges won't let you drill a hole in the wall!  You can arrange your pieces in a college style or just have a few here and there that compliment each other.

Tip 2: Use of book shelf space


One item that students do not lack is books. Whether it's a collection of Norton bestsellers, a copy of Grey's Anatomy, or massive textbooks on engineering or organic chemistry, there needs to be a space where you can organize your reading material. The problem is that this space is usually cluttered with books, folders, loose papers, etc. To spice up a bookshelf, add photos of friends and family or inspiring art you enjoy.

Bookshelves or bookcases can have personality if you paint them a fun color or add wallpaper for visual interest or LED lights to add a splash of color through light. One last tip: try to organize your books by color and size rather than by author or subject. It may seem strange, but your brain remembers and scans size and color much faster than textual information... plus it will look better.

Tip 3: Top Your Dresser with a Tray

Instead of seeing makeup, electronics, toiletries, jewelry, and accessories scattered all over the doorm room, create simple organization. By purchasing a tray for the top of your dresser or nightstand, the tray can keep everything in a small area and can be laid out neatly. Clean and beautiful! When designing a tray, divide it into quadrants and have a different type of item in each quadrant to better bring your space together.

If you are a collector of things, consider sets of decorative boxes or shelves to place above the dresser as a stylish alternative to trays.

Tip 4: A Headboard Stands Out

Picture othe bed in a dorm room, the XL twin sitting sadly in the corner. While you can't change much about the bed itself, you can change the way you present it. One of the best trends we've seen from college students lately is choosing an elaboarte headboard to make your dorm bed feel like home. Pair it with beautiful bedding and accent pillows; this trick brings a lot of elegance and personality to the place where you least expect it.

Tip 5: Garden stools indoors

In bedrooms, conserving space and having flexibility are keys to successful design. A useful tip is to use garden stools. Garden stools are elegant but not overly elaborate. They can function as a side table, end table, coffee table, or nightstand when the space comes up, and they add an energetic splash of bold color and pattern to the space.

Tip 6: Lamps and LEDS

As we mentioned before, dorm rooms can be boring. Already cluttered with desks, beds, all the same, there aren't many opportunities to express your design through furniture. Adding a lamp to the space will provide the lighting needed for nighttime studying, but it will also add character, color, and a clear view of your room. Now adding LEDS is also a great option. These lights became a trend in 2020 when teenagers and younga adults used them to add personality to their rooms without spending a lot of money on decoration.

Tip 7: Decorate with your personality in mind

After putting a bedroom together and looking at it, everything might seem like it’s there, but if you find there is a nagging feeling that something is missing, nine times out of ten, what's missing is personality. The room can be perfect, from style to very necessity but without something that is you, you will never enjoy it. It can be difficult to do, but we recommend something from home, something on the go, or something that just screams your name or your design style. Whether it's your favorite piece of jewelry or your favorite quote, choose something unique.. (For the sake of design, Pulp Fiction posters and Keep Calm and Carry On renditions should be officially banned from college campuses).