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Decorating your dorm: a guide to demystifying it

Decorating your dorm: a guide to demystifying it

College move in day. Such an important rite of passage for every incoming freshman. Everything from going shopping to planning your decoration and even driving up to your dorm on move in day. This is such an important and fun experience.

Uninitiated college students may find outfitting their dorm rooms a daunting task. Research trends such as mood-boosting hues and heritage styles, as well as what the school allows and provides.

The light in dormitories is notoriously poor, and there are few convenient electrical outlets. It may be a good idea to buy a power strip that has surge protection, USB ports, and outlets that can accommodate various plug shapes.

Extra-long twin sheets, a mattress protector, and a thick, cozy mattress pad are a must, but gel toppers may not be allowed at certain schools. Bring fewer throw pillows and a body pillow.

A laundry hamper can take the form of a rolling basket, a compact mesh hamper, or a laundry backpack, among others. A dorm-sized jigsaw puzzle is extending storage with shelving. How are desk hutches handled at the school? Is it permitted or provided?

Don't replace sturdy shelving with over-the-toilet bathroom shelves and ask the school if you can place shelves or stands in front of windows.

Consider adding extra baskets and drawers under the bed and in the closet as well as sturdy vertical hanger extenders.

An ultra-mini, battery-operated vacuum cleaner is built by Szymanski.Dehumidifiers or air purifiers may also be recommended by some students.

In the bathroom and sleeping areas, Szymanski has built small trash cans and bamboo Rakot75 towels out of bamboo.

Wallpaper that's removable and peel-and-stick is often used by dorm dwellers to decorate their rooms. Desk drawers and other storage units may not adhere to textured walls.

Freshmen can personalize their dorm rooms with's design inspiration and products.

Pinterest reports an increase in searches for hippy and preppy dorm styles, as well as a surge in pink and blue searches.

There's dust in the dorms, the bathroom can be disgusting, and toothbrushes have to be carried around.The best way to organize your bathroom is with a rolling bathroom caddy, which Kirkham suggests. Mini Fridges with separate freezer compartments are ideal if allowed. For more fridge space, some kids give up the freezer entirely.

An attachable bunk bed tray table, a tool kit, a first aid kit, and a small, battery-operated blender are useful for students.