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Summer Trends for Interior Design

Summer Trends for Interior Design

The best season have arrived, the hottest decoration and designs for this summer 2023 are characterizes by the colors, textures and prints.


The best way to add style and color is by choosing the correct print. The Maximalist Style is all about prints and color, if you are searching for inspiration this style can guide you.

Floral prints, geometric prints and animal prints are the favorite and the correct way to choose it for your spaces; try always to mix prints and plane colors with your furniture and decorations.


A little color is always a most In any decoration, and this summer it’s not an exception! The summer trend colors are characterized to transmit a vibe of warmth and freshness to your home spaces, this are some of them:

  • Earth Tones: brown, beige, terracotta and moss green are great options for creating a natural, organic look in your home.Thesecolors work well on walls, furniture and accessories.
  • Patel Colors: light pink, baby blue, soft yellow, and mint green are great options to bring a soft and delicate touch to your interior
  • Shades of blue: navy blue, sky blue, and turquoise blue are great options to bring a touch of freshness and Mediterranean style to your interior.


Don´t be afraid of trying and playing with different fabrics, textures and materials that instigate our sense. Here are some of them that you can use for this summer!

  • Natural Fabric: linen and cotton will be trend this summer because of the vibe freshness that it bring for the sunny days
  • Rattan and Bamboo: rattan and bamboo furniture is a good choose for your outdoors because the material make it durable and lightweight.
  • Natural Materials: such as stone, wood, and ceramics in indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories will bring freshness and a natural feeling.