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6 tips to decorate your table and surprise your family at Thanksgiving dinner!

6 tips to decorate your table and surprise your family at Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Day is a date that is celebrated in the United States and Canada on the fourth Thursday of November, in which we are grateful for all the good things that this year brought and the fortune that was had. These dates are special to meet with family and friends to thank everyone around us and share a delicious dinner.

As it is a holiday in which everything is shared, it is customary to invite everyone to prepare dinner, but as a host, the space should convey a feeling of warmth and comfort, so the decoration with the predominant colors of autumn (pumpkins, dry leaves and rustic accents) can't be missed.

If you have already adopted Thanksgiving Day as part of your end-of-the-year celebrations and this 2021 the meeting will be at your home, these are some ideas that will help inspire you to decorate your table:

1. The perfect tablecloth 

The tablecloth is one of the basic elements that must be taken into account for decoration, you only need to choose one of very neutral seasonal colors such as silver, beige or gold, and you can even use orange and brown placemats so you don't even have to use a tablecloth.

2. Pumpkins and candles

If you still have those pumpkins that you used to decorate your Day of the Dead offering or to celebrate Halloween, use them to give this autumn touch to the table. You can even make a combination of pumpkins, candles, pine cones and dried leaves, that will give a much more sophisticated touch to the table that is perfectly adapted to the season.

3. Crockery

For this Thanksgiving celebration you can choose a motif connected to the theme: turkey, pumpkins, autumn flowers, and give the crockery some life. Do not forget to place the cloth napkins and some golden cutlery to match the decor.

4. Flowers, leaves and branches

Remember that Thanksgiving is near the end of the year, in the season when the leaves begin to fall. They will give that sense of warmth to the table, in addition to giving it a spectacular color that will combine perfectly with the candles and pumpkins.

5. Think of the children

If for your Thanksgiving dinner you are going to have children as guests, take into account that they should also feel included in the celebration, so try to personalize the seats for them with more fun elements that allow them to be distracted while the conversation flows. 

6. Have fun, enjoy family and friends and be grateful for everything you have!