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Feng Shui For Your Christmas

Feng Shui For Your Christmas

December is the month of joy, celebration, and reunions. Many wait all year for this time when happiness becomes a mutually shared wish. However much you love Christmas, the truth is that it can get stressful and exhausting. To help destress, look into Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance. Between so much red and green, the typical rush of this season will make you lose the harmony which you have worked so hard for. If you have already decorated your home and feel like it’s incomplete, practice Feng Shui. Here, you can find all kinds of tips to do so.

The harmony of simplicity:

Most of the time, the Christmas decorations in our home are composed of old objects mixed with a couple of new ornaments every year. If it is sometimes difficult to choose which object to use, then decorating for Christmas can become a little complicated, especially because of the stories and memories that are often associated with our decorations. As in so many moments in life, attachments reappear, this time in the form of garlands, backdrops and countless figures.

Among all those styles that surely coexist in your Christmas decoration, which one to choose? Well, the one that most appeals to you, the one that transmits the most pleasant sensations, so that the Christmas decoration of your home makes sense for you. That's what Feng Shui is about for your Christmas. Just remember, you do not have to interrupt the harmony that you have built in your home throughout the year that is about to say goodbye. On the contrary: Christmas is the ideal time to once again experience the benefits of balance in your life.


Fire, wood and light

We have seen blue, pink and even white Christmas decorations. However, when we are asked about the colors of Christmas, we will all answer almost unanimously that there are red and green.  

As seen in the 5 elements of Feng Shui, red is fire. It is the engine of our confidence and good spirits. However, we must not forget that it is a very strong color, possibly causing nervousness and restlessness. Used in excess, red could stimulate us too much, so we must know how to administer it correctly. Fortunately, its combination with green is one of the easiest to achieve at this time. Green represents the Wood element, which is the natural balancer of Fire.

Light, which is a fundamental element in any space, acquires even more relevance when we think of Feng Shui for your Christmas. My main recommendation is that your Christmas lighting be warm, possibly from table lamps, wall lights or candles, not from ceiling lamps. 


Talking about the Christmas Tree

If our purpose is to build a tree that brings together the benefits of Feng Shui for your Christmas, here’s 3 tips that can help you! 

  1. Get rid of the ornaments that are damaged. If they aren’t fully functional, they are interrupting the flow of energy. It is best to renew them every season to symbolize the abundance that the year that is about to begin will bring, but always avoid overloading it with information.
  2. A Christmas tree without gifts will always be incomplete, so at its base place the presents that you plan to give to friends or family. In this way you also activate prosperity.
  3. Go back to the simple: don't try to put all the decorations that you have been collecting for years. Decide only on the ones you like the most at that moment and give yourself the opportunity to change.

Feng Shui permanently gives us tools to take care of our health, good spirits and energy, no matter what season we are in. By integrating this ancient art into the way you use Christmas elements in your home, you will see how it will improve the balance of your spaces.