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Tips to Rearrange your home for the new year

Tips to Rearrange your home for the new year

Thank you 2021 for such a great year! We are very thankful for every collaboration & support we have received. This year we want to finish 2021 with some rituals to start the 2022 on the best foot! Letting go of some things to make room for new things to come, new opportunities and new beginnings. 

The best way to ensure that you meet your New Year's resolutions is to prepare in advance so that it will be easier for you to carry them out. The Feng Shui cleansing ritual for the new year can help you with this, giving you the space you need to start this new chapter of your life. So here’s some:


Tips to Rearrange your home for the new year!

Take advantage of these last days of the year to change the organization of your home. That way you don't clean on the first day of the new year. According to tradition, you should avoid cleaning on the first day of the year, this is because you would be expelling, or "sweeping out", good fortune. For this reason, it is better that you anticipate: a few days before the end of the year, take the opportunity to clean the dust from the whole house, and dedicate the first day of the new year to rest.

Throw away or donate items and furniture that are broken or not used. A good strategy to avoid being overwhelmed is to place a bag or box in each room and put everything you want to get rid of in it.

Clean from top to bottom: Start with ceilings, top windows and cabinets, picture frames, and lamps. These sites are further out of our sight, so sometimes we forget to give them a review of the daily or weekly cleaning. The last step will be to sweep and mop the floor.

Purify the air in your home: you can use incense or scented candles with natural fragrances. Once you have completed your cleansing ritual for the new year, choose a moment of calm and silence, light an incense stick or candle and allow its fragrance to spread throughout your home.

The New Years cleansing ceremony is not only physical, it is also spiritual and energetic. In order not to let negative energy accompany you into the new year, it is advisable to pay off all possible debts and resolve issues such as pending conversations or half-done jobs, to start the new year with renewed energy. 

It's okay if you can't figure it all out, but the fewer unfinished business you reserve for the coming year, the more room there will be for new energy to flow in.