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Chubby shapes: the last interior trend

Chubby shapes: the last interior trend

The chubby furniture trend has exploded lately and is very popular internationally among influencers, who show off the different furniture figures recognizable by their puffy shapes.

This trend appeared in the 1940s thanks to Finn Juhl, although he was criticized at this time, and did not expand until the 1970s. Even so, he created one of the most recognizable works today, the Pelican armchair, a Danish design masterpiece that has inspired many other pieces of furniture. Later, the architect and designer Gaetano Pescey continued to expand this trend through the maximalist movement of Memphis.

These pieces of furniture stand out for their softness, beauty, and volume. To get the most out of these designs, you can follow these different tips. First of all, having natural lighting helps to show the true colors of the furniture. Also, elements like plants or vases help to create a perfect environment for the chubby design. Wicker stools or chairs are also very useful. An easy way to start is to acquire medium-sized objects or furniture, and if that convinces you, you can continue with large-sized furniture for living rooms or bedrooms.

The designs of this furniture, which stand out mainly for comfort, are reminiscent of children's play spaces, due to the various colors and soft materials. Neoteny consists of the appearance of juvenile and infantile features in an adult. These designs transport people who enjoy them to moments in childhood. Furniture gives satisfaction and well-being to those who can enjoy it.

Since the pandemic, where comfort in homes really began to be valued, this trend has been increasing. Nowadays artists, designers, or influencers show the design of their house supported by chubby furniture.

The application of this trend can help to give joy and showiness to the home, since when playing with shapes and colors there is an equal place, which makes staying at home more enjoyable. Also, this style can be applied both inside and outside the home, creating a perfect harmony.