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The art in the architecture

The art in the architecture

Architecture surrounds us, it is part of our daily life and we have it in mind on more than one occasion, but it has become so common that on many occasions we overlook its beauty. One of the aims of architecture is to honor beauty through functionality, a feature that makes it art, due to the need to express feelings and emotions that can perfectly come from a building or a painting. The difference between these is that architecture is versatile and functional, while art communicates the feelings, situations or sensations of the artist.

Both establish a story or an interpretation at the time of being contemplated. The architecture is considered as a reflection of the art of a certain epoch, which expresses the culture and how the people perceived the world through a building.

It is therefore important to understand that architecture goes beyond a design and building materials.

The emotional architecture

It is a term that starts from the sensations that man generates in the architectural spaces. When we visit an emblematic buildings of a country or city this generates a different feeling to what we are used to, it is the feeling of being, living and remaining in space. It goes beyond being attractive to the naked eye. Something like enjoying a building in the same way as you enjoy an art museum because the building itself is a work of art.

The development of these emotions will depend on the requirement of the spaces that the architectural project asks: to process and reflect in the solutions of the elements that make the space habitable for the user.

Emotions and technology

Humanized architecture is achieved through the generation of emotions and sensations, from the origin of the architectural design process and hand in hand with the use of technology. We inhabit the places to appreciate and feel being in new environments. Factors such as color, lighting and water use establish, special characteristics in environments that sharpen certain senses in the human being.

The architecture corresponds, from the physical point of view, one of the most important elements of the environment and of the construction itself. The management and knowledge of the materials, according to their characteristics and textures are of great importance to be used within the emotional architecture, this to get to create impressions within the spaces, in the main objective that is "to inhabit".

Let’s look at some of the most emblematic architects for their functional and artistic buildings.

Zaha Hadid

Santiago Calatrava

Antoni Gaudí 

Le Corbusier