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The holiday season has finally arrived

The holiday season has finally arrived

And just like that, you might find yourself overwhelmed with everything you need to get done—especially if you're expecting some visitors. Whenever you have overnight guests, you want them to have a comforting experience while away from their own homes. So whether you're hosting your parents, the in-laws, or some friends, here are a few ideas that will make them feel more comfortable. Here are three tips on how to prep your guest bedroom for the holidays.


1. Provide comfortable bedding. Outfit the bed with fresh linens along with a clean comforter and duvet. As you change the bedding, consider who will be staying in the guest bedroom and their personal needs. For example, if your guest typically sleeps hot, then use a lightweight sheet set and comforter. Or if your guest has allergies, find hypoallergenic bedding to help them sleep more soundly. Also, think about a color scheme when preparing your guest bedroom. Don't be afraid to add some brighter colors using a throw, blanket, or another fabric covering. If you're looking to upgrade the bedding of your guest bedroom.

2. Offer an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils have a lot of great benefits and are known for their calming qualities. When prepping your guest bedroom for the holidays, consider leaving an oil diffuser for your guests to use along with a few different oils to try. Peppermint and Chamomile, for example, are beautiful scents that promote deep relaxation and soothing sleep. To take it one step further, you can incorporate these same essential oils into the bedding. You can  purchase  aromatherapy pillows or offering a spray to put on the bedding.

3. Incorporate holiday decorations. Now it's time to add a little holiday cheer to your guest bedroom. Spend some time adding décor to make the area come alive and feel more at home for your guests. You might consider hanging a holiday banner above the bed, using some holiday-inspired throw pillows, or using seasonal flowers or greenery.

Once you're done with all the main components, lay out some fresh towels and washcloths on the bed. You can even leave mints on the pillows as a nice finishing touch. Together, these details can create a heavenly oasis for your holiday guests, ensuring they rest well and “check out” happy.